About Myself & This Blog

I am almost 30 years old. I was in AP English in high school but didn’t really read any of the books–more interested in the travails of the teen years. I did fine on the AP English test and skipped most of English in college. I spent most of my undergrad years screwing around. I finally got a history degree, largely because I had taken a few history credits–not because I had knowledge or had been sufficiently trained to be a historian. I worked at Kinko’s for a couple years, then took a degree in “information studies” (librarianship) which was fairly interesting but not terribly rigorous intellectually. I have not been able to get a “professional” librarian job as the market’s saturated, so now I work as a reference assistant at a medium sized university library.

What’s the point? I love reading and learning but have never gotten a whole education. So I am writing this blog as a self-education/self-improvement exercise. You can read a bit more about the project on my first post, The deal. The essence is this: I am reading 4 novels written during each decade of the 20th century, about that particular decade.

When I started this blog, I was already in the mid 1930s, and had taken shoddy notes, so I am playing “catch up” until I reach my current point.

I am looking to improve the following about myself:

  • My knowledge of 20th century literature
  • Knowledge of the 20th century mind from a ground-level and from an artistic perspective
  • What literary criticism is, and how to write it
  • My general writing ability (I have a tendency to neglect my writing, so hope the regularity of a blog will encourage that)

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